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Ortus Lighting

As a leading Authorized Gemstone Lighting Dealer in Edmonton, Ortus Lighting creates stunning designs regardless of the type of project. The low profile installation method makes the lighting system virtually invisible during the day and the full spectrum LED bulbs create stand out architectural visuals at night. Residential and Commercial spaces benefit from a permanent lighting solution that is efficient, programmable, and functional, and provides dramatic results.  Get in touch to learn more.

Smart Exterior Lighting solutions for your home or business. Fully customizable permanent LED lighting solution with thousands of colour and design options. Permanently installed to match the existing exterior of your home or business.  Never hang Christmas Lights again and enjoy your well lit home year round for every occasion.

Set your creativity free!

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Exterior Architectural Lighting (A Modern Permanent Solution)
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Permanent Christmas Lights
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How Gemstone Lights are Installed- 3D video
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Highlighted Peaks

Winter 2019

LED Lighting accents the awesome roof line and defines the peaks of this home.


Christmas Lights Where?

Spring 2020

Prominent, permanent and the perfect solution for exceptional roof lines.

Wow Factor!

Summer 2020

Custom Lighting highlights this exquisite homes lines and creates a striking appearance.


Look at my Lines

Summer 2020

The amazing roof lines of this home stand out and catch the eye.

Bright Lights

Fall 2020

Bright White Light washes over this home creating a stunning first impression.


Beautiful Bungalow

Fall 2020

This beautiful bungalow lights up at night for all to see.


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